Do you want to increase your brand value?

A groundbreaking study conducted last year in partnership with global research agency Millward Brown and BrandZ conclusively proved that branding is the single most significant driver of brand value in the marketing mix, producing an average ROI of eight times the initial investment.

This discovery is big news as it dispels a longstanding belief amongst organisations that advertising is king (strong advertising alone doesn’t come close). But of course, it’s the ‘right’ type of brand management—bespoke rather than off-the-shelf—that drives the most significant value. We call this Brand Optimisation.

In context

Brand management has never been more complex: today’s dynamic brands must rapidly respond to an ever-changing environment. The type of guardianship needed is flexible, scalable, engaging and intelligent. What’s more, its impact must be measurable.

If you can inspire people to come with you on a journey, half the issues have already been overcome…

Lambie-Nairn’s Brand Optimisation is a real-time, scalable and customised brand management system; designed to inspire teams to deliver brand coherence, consistency and ROI.

1. Effective

Effective – manages your brand centrally, supporting both global and local needs across markets to deliver on-brand communication and identify key strategic issues before they start to damage your brand. This means greater coherence and relevance across all touchpoints, building brand value on a daily basis.

2. Cost efficient

Cost efficient – delivers brand value with reduced spend, achieving cohesive and consistent on-brand communications through more intelligent tools and distribution; and yielding more powerful delivery and amplified presence with less need to spend on media.

3. Scalable & flexible

Scalable & flexible — adjusts to individual client needs and circumstances, encompassing a spectrum of interaction, review and co-creation levels to offer only what’s needed and adapt over time.


More than just a digital platform, Brand Optimisation™ is an intelligent system with dedicated and expert teams, designed to evolve with your company to ensure brand coherence and consistency throughout an entire spectrum of behavioural attributes to marketing activities. This isn’t just about logos.

Brand Optimisation™ works to help your organisation reach maximum efficiency through re-engineered processes and budget consolidation. It is about flexible and scalable support to reach your brand objectives.